LinPack offers pre-made pouch Packing machines.  These automatic rotary machines are ideal for a wide variety of bag styles and ranges as well as offers quick changeovers. When you need fast-acting, reliable machinery, the rotary bagging machines are the perfect solution. Designed for a variety of industries and for dry/frozen and liquid products, this equipment includes features that exceed product requirements.

If you are looking for automatic rotary bagging machines to increase time efficiency and meet customer requirements, get our rotary bagging machines. These systems offer a variety of features. From the intermittent cam drive to the motor driven volumetric control, enjoy the easy to use, quick, durable rotary bagging machines. When you purchase a rotary bagging machine, you get equipment designed for quick changeovers. Find the automatic rotary bagging equipment that fits your product needs.

There are a lot of potential sources of infection in any facility processing and Packing uncooked foods. Don’t let your Packing machine be the cause of an outbreak. Get a LinPack machine and you’ll have a robust, ultra-sanitary Packing powerhouse delivering perfect bags of fresh food.

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Sanitary Packing Machines 

Using a LinPack Packing machine for bagging fresh meat  products allows your company to start Packing in rotary bag instead of rigid packages. Besides the cost savings and easier storage  and handling, flexible Packing is also a more hygienic way to package uncooked, contamination-prone items.

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