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Perfect Packaging Solutions for Many Candy Types

Candy comes in many shapes and sizes and so do candy packages. From jelly beans and hard candies to medicated gummies and powders, the wide array of candy types means manufacturers need versatile packing machines. we've created packaging solutions for it all. 

Pre-wrapped and unwrapped candies alike both need to be packed in attractive, economical overwrap bags for display on store shelves.

Lin Pack’s Candy packing production line is ready to fill and seal your candy into premade bag, we have the equipment you need

MR8-200RG (7).jpg

Different Bag Styles for Various Types of Candy, All on One Machine

Lin Pack Machines are ideal for companies manufacturing many different candies. With tool-free parts changeover and the ability to store 100 different product recipes, a single LinPack machine is fully capable of packaging vastly different candy types in diverse bag styles and sizes with minimum downtime.

The ability to include euro slots, zippers and other bag features make LinPack the candy industry’s preferred packaging machine supplier. Efficient, robust and dependable, LinPack machines will not disappoint.


Essential Parts in solid and granule Packaging:     

1.    if the sugar are powder, it can use the multi-head weighing with PTFE.

2.    When packing chewing gum, as some gums are very big, it will be stuffed in the hopper, difficult fill into the bags.

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